Black Women 50+ Health and Lifestyles Magazine

Black Women magazine Linda Jackson CocroftAccording to Census data, there are 36 million African-Americans. Nineteen million are women and over 25 percent of these women are BLACK WOMEN 50+. Wow! The primary targeted audience of BLACK WOMEN 50+ HEALTH & LIFESTYLES MAGAZINE is Black Women 50 to 65 years old. In addition to honoring my mother’s memory, BW50+ Magazine was developed to accomplish the following mission… To educate and inspire BW50+ to adopt responsible, preventive health practices. To demystify, in simple language, major health issues. To inspire rewarding lifestyles while also revealing resources, products and services. To decrease disparities in treatment and information available to this population.To explore the uniqueness of ages 50+. Of course, 50 is not what 50 use to be. Traditional images of aging – i.e. gray hair, wrinkles and sedentary lives – have changed. Today BW50+ overall are vibrant, productive and, many are forging new beginnings. Aging successfully is about building onto the psychological strengths and disciplines we mastered the first 50 years. It’s about knowing who we are, accepting who we aren’t and having clarity about what’s genuinely important. It’s about taking control of our health and personal space. Black women are the primary source for reaching the black population. As BW50+, we are matriarchs of our families. We are caregivers for older loved ones. Many of us are raising grandchildren. Maintaining our mental and physical health is imperative to the stability of the entire family. This special role also enables us to influence 80% of the buying decisions of African-Americans. Our top five expenditures are housing clothes, leisure, luxury cars and health. Over half of us are single with disposable cash. BW50+ Magazine addresses the physical concerns that are uniquely challenging to us. Building onto the psychological strengths and disciplines mastered the first 50 years; BW50+ MAGAZINE is ripe with information essential to bridge access to opportunities while empowering choice. Join me as we explore the elite club of BW50+ Magazine and embark on this journey to a more meaningful, healthy way of life.

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